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Custom Manufactured Privacy Panels and Shutters for Condominium’s Exterior


800 Park Condominiums in Oxford, Mississippi

The Housing Crisis

In recent years housing demand in Oxford, Mississippi has skyrocketed for various reasons. The main reason for the high rise in housing demand is because of the increasing enrollment at the University of Mississippi. The University of Mississippi, also known as Ole Miss, is the largest university in Mississippi and is located squarely in Oxford. The university began in 1844 and has been a beacon of higher education for the state ever since. The university enrolls around 25,000 students every year. This creates an enormous need for housing for student and staff.  Also, the university itself requires all freshmen to live on campus which creates an on-campus housing shortage for sophomores, juniors, and seniors. This forces them to look for housing options elsewhere.


This housing need is one of the reasons that Trinity Business Group decided to start a multi-unit development campaign, building multiple housing projects in the Oxford area. The first of these projects was a multi-phase project consisting of luxury condominiums called 800 Park.

Privacy Panelling for the Old World Look

A Solution To The Crisis

800 Park consists of 4, beautifully designed, 3 story buildings that consist of luxury condominium flats. These tastefully designed condominiums are adjacent to Pat Lamar Park and just a short drive from Ole Miss. The construction of these buildings was contracted to Hevi Construction of Oxford Mississippi and it ended up being a 16.5 million dollar project for them.

An Old World Plan for Privacy Panels

 During the planning of these units there was a desire for the buildings to have an Old World style to them, reminiscent of homes that you would see in places like New Orleans. To accomplish this, heavy use of custom, louvered shutters and custom, louvered privacy panels was required since these accents are such staples of older homes that have the Old World style. But given the grand size of the spaces where the panels (and shutters) were to go, not just any shutter or privacy panel could be used. They were in need of customized shutters and customized privacy panels that were of unequaled quality because of their visibility. They were also in need of a company that could design customized privacy panels (and shutters) to install with ease and to withstand the high traffic flow of a multi-family building. This is why they turned to the innovative and experienced professionals of Shutter Revolution to create these customized privacy panels.

The Shutter Revolution team travelled down to 800 Park in Oxford, Mississippi to see the building as it was beginning to take shape in order to take measurements and get the exact dimensions needed for the custom privacy panels and shutters. Once returned, they began the design process of the one of a kind, customized privacy panels. Working with the Hevi Construction group and the owners of the building was a very productive collaboration and led to the creation of specialized shutters and privacy panels that were so much greater than what was originally envisioned by the client.

Once the design was approved, the construction of the customized shutters and privacy panels began. The buildings required around 800 custom built privacy panels in varying sizes, but most of the privacy panels were 3 feet wide and 10 feet tall! All of the custom privacy panels were made from the amazing Western Red Cedar in order to ensure the shutters and panels were of the highest caliber.

Overcoming The Challenge of Customization

 One of the challenges of the project was the distance from the manufacturing center in Mooresville, NC to the building location in Oxford, MS. In order to accommodate the specific situation, where the shutters and specialty privacy panels were to be shipped from North Carolina to Mississippi, some creative solutions had to be applied. So the Shutter Revolution team engineered a way where the shutters and privacy panels would be made into kits that included everything needed for installation and they could easily be installed by the construction crew of Hevi construction.

The 800 Park project was a showcase of the specialized talent of Shutter Revolution in creating innovative solutions for multi-family buildings (apartment complexes, condominiums, townhomes, etc.) when it comes to privacy panels. In the end, the building was well adorned with high caliber privacy panels and shutters that achieved the distinctive look that the building’s owner highly desired.

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