Window shutters made in America.


Window shutter installation at church.

Unmistakable Quality in Window Shutters & More

Between a well designed, carefully crafted object and an ordinary facsimile there is a difference called quality. It is recognizable as much in the hidden details as in the visible effect. You’ll find the superior quality of Shutter Revolution window shutters and other products to be obvious, but what’s unexpected is our affordable price.


We understand that no two homes are the same when it comes to window shutters or other products.  So we never limit anyone to anything. We have the technology to customize any of our window shutters or other stock products to any needed configuration. We can make changes with ease and without significant increases in cost.


When we machine your window shutters or other product we make sure that it is precisely manufactured with zero tolerance for mistakes.  We achieve this through use of the latest equipment and software. We don’t cut corners when it comes to the machines we use or the products we create.

Exterior window shutters on brick home.
Testing the durability of window shutters.


Outside of a strong emphasis on quality equipment, we put an even stronger emphasis on the quality of worker. We keep a consistent staff of the most talented industry professionals for the production of our window shutters or any of our other products.


A product can only be as good as the material used. Every piece of wood, board, aluminum, etc. that we procure is meticulously inspected to guarantee that it meets our standard of high quality for our window shutters or any of our other products.

Bermuda style window shutters.
Bahama style window shutters.


We do more than make the standard looks of window shutters and other products.  On just about all of our window shutters and other products we offer a satisfying amount of variations in order to give a fresh breath of choice to you, our consumer.


The finishing of our window shutters and other products is an important step because it is the process that everyone sees. We put just as much professionalism in the finishing on the window shutters and other products as we do their creation.

Exterior shutters by Shutter Revolution.

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Exterior Shutters by Shutter Revolution

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